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How much do you cost?

Trupanion solves these problems by sharing the risk equally between the “lucky,” “unlucky,” and “average” dog or cat, taking into account the local cost of veterinary care and the risk profile of the pet.

These factors allow us to create price categories—more than 1.2 million of them. These categories are designed to let us share risks equally and fairly among the “lucky,” “unlucky,” or “average” dog or cat. For example, one category is “Golden Retrievers,” another is “dog residing in Santa Barbara,” and a third is “cats enrolling at the age of six.” We do not try to predict the future. Our responsibility is to understand the costs associated with each category and its underlying trend.

How does your desktop app work?

Trupanion’s patented app is completely free, green (facilitating paperless Exam Day Offers and claim forms), and installs with a simple link. It works in synergy with your practice management system for a seamless experience. A single click in the app can tell us to send an offer of immediate medical coverage right to a client’s smartphone, if the client requests. Then, with just a quick phone call we can personally answer any questions they have or get them started. You don’t have to worry about discussing insurance, that’s our job!

Once a Trupanion member, we electronically pay our portion of their bill within minutes directly to your hospital before they even leave the building. You focus on medicine, they focus on family.
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Why Trupanion?

The problem Trupanion is trying to solve is simple: we are helping pet owners budget for veterinary expenses when their pet is sick or injured. They don’t know if their pet will be “lucky” in health or “unlucky.”

We aim to pay hospitals directly prior to the pet owner checking out, thus eliminating the traditional reimbursment model and creating a better experience for the hospital, client, and pet.

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What is the Exam Day Offer?

Our Exam Day Offers are the best way for veterinary teams to introduce immediate quality medical insurance for their clients. After a healthy, young pet’s examination, you can let us know if a pet is eligible for an Exam Day Offer —no paper necessary. We’ll send their human an email and text if they’re interested and discuss the offer with them. No need for your teams to do anything.

This offer waives waiting periods and provides immediate, full policy coverage for any unexpected injuries or illnesses. Trupanion will pay 90% of any eligible veterinary costs less a small lifetime, per condition deductible*. Depending on where you live, the policy coverage lapses automatically after 30 days unless your client calls Trupanion to continue the policy.

*Offer varies by state. Please call us to learn more about Exam Day Offers in your area.