The Traditional Model

The traditional pet insurance model is a reimbursement system. The pet owner pays out of pocket when checking out at the veterinarian, fills out some paperwork, and then spends 2-4 weeks waiting for reimbursement or denial from their insurance company by post. This puts unnecessary stress on pet owners and veterinarians and can lead to heartbreaking outcomes if a pet owner can’t afford treatment.

A Better Model

A better model was necessary. We worked with veterinarians to rethink medical insurance from the ground up. This model allows you to always practice best medicine without having to present treatment options and without having decisions dictated by the cost of care. Cost and standard of care is completely dictated by you, the veterinarian.

Aligned, streamlined, and transparent.

With Trupanion’s patented app, claims are processed electronically, and approval can be rendered within minutes, often seconds. The veterinary practice is then immediately and electronically paid by Trupanion directly into the hospital’s bank account, and the client pays only their portion of the total bill upon checkout.