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Love your work even more.

A better model for medical insurance for pets.

Better outcomes and more predictability

Tools to support your work and introduce your clients to insurance

Increased hospital revenue

Years of rigorous education. Significant debt. A high stress job. Non-compliant clients. You go through a lot because of a simple idea: you have the drive, passion, and unique skillset to change and save lives. It’s just who you are.

In our industry there is a problem: providing medical care to an underinsured population. Because of this, many pet owners are unable to budget for unexpected illnesses and injuries. You can probably remember a recent incidence of this. And when you see a pet you know you can help, but are unable to solely because of finances, it weighs on you. It may affect your emotional well-being, and the morale of your culture and your staff.

We see a different, better world. A world where pet owners have direct access to quality care their pet needs, when they need it most, regardless of cost.

It begins with rethinking the pet medical insurance model. For 40 years, “traditional” pet insurance has been a reimbursement model; you recommend a treatment plan, your client (hopefully) approves and moves forward, pays the bill in full, fills out paperwork, and then spends the next 2-4 weeks or so waiting by the mailbox to learn if they will be reimbursed for a fraction of the bill.

Trupanion’s simple desktop app changes everything and there is no paper necessary. With a click of the button, a client can know whether they are eligible for immediate coverage. If your client is interested, we instantly send them verification of immediate coverage to their smartphone. Then, a quick call from us gets them started.

For Trupanion members, we can electronically deposit our portion of their bill directly into your bank account in minutes – before the client even leaves the building. No worrying about price, no wondering about reimbursement, no friction between you and the pet owner. This can be your new normal.

The tool you’ve been missing.

There is no cost to use our hospital-exclusive app. We built it because we believe, passionately, in your life’s work. It’s as easy to set up as downloading an app on your phone. Simply put, it’s the tool you have been missing. That is a bold claim, and you deserve to evaluate it for yourself. Just click the button below to get started. Then, there will be three easy steps:

  • 1

    A Trupanion team member will call you at your desired time to walk you through the app and answer any questions.

  • 2

    We will send you a link to download the app.

  • 3

    While it’s completely intuitive, we happily support your team with both a remote and in-person concierge.

You don’t get up in the morning to be a financial advisor. You do it to change and save lives. And we don’t ever want you to have to say goodbye to a pet again that you know you can help. Discussing treatment options will become a thing of the past. An insured client base means decreased stress and a more financially stable practice. Reduced transaction fees, increased client visits, and better treatment compliance.

This is the world we want for you. The solution is here.

Let’s do it together.