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Our mission is to help the pets we love receive the best veterinary care.

We’ve aligned the needs of both pet owners and veterinary teams to build a better model of insurance for the pets we love. This has, and will continue to be, our life’s work, and every day veterinarians see firsthand our tenacious dedication to their industry.

It all began with the story of a boy and his dog. Read our Founder and CEO Darryl Rawlings’ story below.

"When I was a teenager, my 2-year old dog Mitsy had a twisted stomach and needed surgery to save her life. The surgery would have cost approximately $3,000 but my parents simply could not afford the cost of this relatively-routine procedure. As a result, we had to leave the veterinary clinic without our pet. This was a terrible result for our pet, for me, my family, and for the veterinarian. The experience stayed with me -- I knew there had to be a better way of handling the problem faced by so many pet owners -- I knew there had to be a better way of handling the problem faced by so many pet owners"

- Darryl Rawlings

We know that we love our pets. What we don’t know is how lucky they will be in life. Some pets live long, healthy lives. Other pets—like Mitsy—aren’t so lucky. When the unthinkable happens, families can be left with few options. Too often, it’s financial limitations that lead to heartbreaking decisions. Decisions that impact everyone involved. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Budgeting is part of responsible pet ownership. Items like food, treats, and toys are all assumed costs, but how do you properly budget for the unexpected? Illnesses and injuries aren’t predictable and you never know when your pet will need medical attention.

We knew that we needed to find a better way. A way that veterinarians could trust. A way that pet owners could feel grateful for. A way that would always put pets first.