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Facebook Live | Jedi Mind Tricks for New Pet Parents: Training for Success

February 7th, 2021

Jedi mind tricks for new pet parents: Training for success

Is your hospital seeing lots of new pet parents? Do you need resources to help offer advice? Share the training support your new pet parents have been waiting for. In Jedi Mind Tricks for New Pet Parents, Victoria Stilwell, best-selling author and star of “It’s Me or the Dog,” Trupanion’s own Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Steve Weinrauch, and Dr. Carrie Jurney, Specialist in Veterinary Neurology offer expertise on protecting a new best friend.

  • How to pick a dog that is a good fit for their family, space, and lifestyle
  • Preparing a home for a new dog, including introducing them to other pets and family members
  • Traits of different breeds, including health considerations, grooming needs, and temperament
  • Training tips for dogs of all ages

Make pet parenting a great adventure by sharing the news today!

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