Resources for you and your client

Diane Pollock Territory Partner holding a dog

In-Person Support

With Trupanion, you’re never on your own. We have more than 120 Territory Partners out in the field supporting hospitals every day, from training to answering claim questions. Each one provides local, in-person concierge support to all hospitals within their territories.

Client Education:
How to introduce medical insurance for pets.

AT CHECK-IN—ask for a medical insurance provider.

“Who’s your pet’s medical insurance provider?”

IN THE EXAM ROOM—provide resources to help educate clients about insurance.

Our Commonly Claimed Conditions guide, highlighted in more details below, gives insight into what medical conditions your clients can expect in their pets' lives

AT CHECK-OUT—provide immediate value.

Exam Day Offers* are the perfect tool to help support your conversations and offer immediate value to clients. They offer the same lifelong coverage as our core policy, but with no waiting periods.

*You don't sell insurance and we don't want you to. Simply tell us about pets eligible for an Exam Day Offer and we'll do the rest.

veterinarian talking with patient

For Your Clients

Commonly Claimed Conditions Guide

Our Commonly Claimed Conditions guide began as a request from a veterinarian. It offers insight into the cost of care for the lifetime of a pet.

Pro-tip: Download, print, and place in your exam rooms to help start the conversation.

commonly claimed booklet
picture of cute puppy chewing a football

Your Puppy's First Year

Provide pet owners with helpful tips on what to expect in their puppy's first year.