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Veterinarians helping animals in need
Welcome, veterinary professionals!

Our free game-changing vet portal, designed for busy hospitals.

This free, web-based solution was created by veterinarians to help eliminate administrative hassles, so you can focus on providing the best care.
Coverage Overview
Veterinarians helping animals in need

So, who are we?

We’re Trupanion—a group of pet lovers like you. And we don’t just appreciate the work you do for pets; we’re dedicated to supporting it. That’s why we’ve revolutionized medical insurance for pets by eliminating the traditional reimbursement model.

Our free, patented, web-based vet portal simplifies the process and allows us to provide claims decisions within minutes! No more uncomfortable financial conversations with pet owners – because Trupanion Insurance pays first. Connect with us today to learn more about how to elevate your practice with Trupanion.

Why you should use Trupanion

Simplify your work flow
More insured pets
Increase client compliance
Reduce credit card transaction fees
Increase pharmacy revenue
Better outcomes for pets

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Veterinarians helping animals in need

The Trupanion difference

  • Digital Exam Day Offers1 — a paperless way to help grow your insured client base
  • Electronic claims decisions and payment, often paid within seconds.
  • We pay first! Trupanion can pay your hospital directly at checkout.
  • Effortless integration with your practice management system
  • No cost to you, ever. In fact, you can see a revenue increase based on reduced credit card transaction fees and a larger Trupanion-insured client base, who spend 80% more.†
1You don't sell insurance and we don't wont you to. Simply click to tell us a pet is eligible for an Exam Day Offer and we'll do the rest

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