Veterinarians helping animals in need
Why choose Trupanion
How much does talking about money cost?
It goes beyond revenue. Time, stress, and customer experience are all impacted. With Trupanion's technology, you can spend less time talking about cost and more time caring for your patients.
Why work with us

Designed to support your best care, Trupanion's game-changing free technology empowers you to create the ideal experience for your team, your clients, and your patients.

Working with Trupanion at a glance
of claims paid directly to the hospital are settled in seconds
more visits* from Trupanion-insured pets to your hospital
of Trupanion pet parents fill prescriptions in-house.
Plus: Increased client loyalty, greater treatment compliance, reduced credit card transaction fees, and more.
Veterinarians helping animals in need
How much can you save on an insured case?

Insured clients can save you time as well as money. Use our calculator to get your personalized report covering -

  • The number of daily visits your hospital can expect to add in a week
  • Your estimated annual savings on credit card fees from direct payments
  • The amount of time—down to the minute—your hospital can save per week
Here's what an ideal experience looks like
Electronic claims
The entire Trupanion claim experience is paperless—from submission to decision. And, we pay first directly to your hospital, so pet owners don't have to wait for a reimbursement.
Increase loyalty
When pet owners are financially prepared for the unexpected, they have fewer barriers and stronger bonds with veterinarians over time. Trupanion members are active at hospitals 3X longer than non-insured clients.
Better medicine
When decision making isn't dictated by cost, veterinarians don't need a plan B. Clients with insured pets can take the best course of action.
Reduced economic euthanasia
When treatment costs aren't out of reach, pet owners can explore all their options.
More visits
Whether it's a walk-in, emergency, or scheduled appointment, pets with a Trupanion policy visit hospitals 80% more than non-insured pets.
Better business
Clients with a Trupanion policy spend 80% more at hospitals compared to non-Trupanion-insured pet owners. They're also more likely to use a hospital's in-house pharmacy.
Veterinarians helping animals in need
Digital Exam Day Offer
A paperless tool to help increase your insured client base

Exam Day Offers provide the same lifelong coverage as our core policy, but with no waiting periods. And with the click of a button, our technology makes it easy for you to let us know if a pet is eligible for immediate medical insurance coverage. We’ll send the clients you select an email and text with the offer.

How it works

Trupanion’s technology is a free, easy-to-use web-based application that saves time, reduces paper work, and helps more pets receive the care they need.

Trupanion screenshot
Quickly alert us which pets are eligible for a digital Exam Day Offer – no paper necessary.

The entire Trupanion claim experience is electronic.

Trupanion screenshot, starting a claim
Trupanion can pay claims directly to your hospital’s bank account, often within seconds

We pay our portion first so pet parents don’t have to wait for a reimbursement.

Trupanion screenshot, starting a claim
DuPont Veterinary Center
Jonathan Baker
I am absolutely a firm believer that pets with insurance get better medical care. We can just go right to diagnostics, treatment. It makes me feel like I can provide the best care possible.
Trupanion screenshot, starting a claim
Mohnacky Animal Hospital of Carlsbad
Crystal Monroe
Veterinary Nurse
We strive to offer the best medicine and care for our furry patients. With Trupanion there's a no-fuss, no-wait reimbursement through Trupanion Express.
Trupanion screenshot, starting a claim
Rose City Veterinary Hospital
Shanna Peterson
Practice Manager
Our clients are very happy with the pay-to-hospital feature - it completely takes the question of whether or not to treat an accident or injury off the table!