Trupanion Teams Up with Multicultural Veterinary Medical Association to Underscore the Importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within the Veterinary Profession

POSTED ON : September 7th, 2021

PRESS RELEASE - Trupanion, the leader in medical insurance for pets, has partnered with the Multicultural Veterinary Medical Association (MCVMA) in their efforts to raise awareness of the challenges faced by veterinary professionals.

Trupanion Teams Up with Not One More Vet to Underscore the Importance of Mental Wellness within the Veterinary Profession

POSTED ON : August 3rd, 2021

PRESS RELEASE - Partnership part of TruCuddle, a worldwide movement to address and offer support for challenges faced by the veterinary profession

Trupanion Partnership with We Rate Dogs Shines Light on Mental Health Challenges Faced by Veterinary Professionals

POSTED ON : July 7th, 2021

PRESS RELEASE - Ongoing collaboration furthers reach of TruCuddle, a worldwide movement to address and offer support for challenges faced by the veterinary profession

TruCuddle: Standing Together, Standing Stronger

POSTED ON : June 29th, 2021

A collaborative veterinary campaign aims to bring well-deserved joy and support to the veterinary community.

[ Originally featured in the July, 2021 issue of DVM 360 Magazine ]

Pet Safety Tips for Summer Celebrations

POSTED ON : June 24th, 2021

Safety tips to keep your pet healthy and happy during summer celebrations.

Trupanion Puts its Arms Around the Veterinary Industry and Gives Back with a Big ‘TruCuddle’

POSTED ON : June 17th, 2021

PRESS RELEASE - Launching on Veterinary Appreciation Day™, TruCuddle is a worldwide movement to address and offer support for challenges faced by the veterinary profession

Millions (literally!) of Ways to Love Your Veterinary Team this Veterinary Appreciation Day

POSTED ON : June 10th, 2021

PRESS RELEASE - Trupanion commits to issue its biggest single donation in stock worth over $4 million in support of the veterinary industry

Veterinary Appreciation Day is June 18

POSTED ON : June 1st, 2021

We created Veterinary Appreciation Day (June 18th) many years ago to honor the dedicated veterinary teams who bring health and happiness to pets and families.

Saving Pet’s Lives is the Real Reason for Medical Insurance for Cats and Dogs

POSTED ON : April 25th, 2021

Wouldn’t it be nice to focus more on the medical care of your patients and less on the finances of your clients?

Facebook Live | COVID-19 Council for Animal Health

POSTED ON : April 9th, 2021

The COVID-19 Council for Animal Health will share what we know about COVID-19 and pets, what’s changing, and what to keep an eye on. The webinar is now available for on-demand viewing!

Poison Awareness Resources to Keep Pets Safe

POSTED ON : February 17th, 2021

Poison awareness resources for Pet Poison Awareness Week

Facebook Live | Jedi Mind Tricks for New Pet Parents: Training for Success

POSTED ON : February 7th, 2021

Jedi mind tricks for new pet parents: Training for success

Pet Owner Testimonial: Grizz's Story

POSTED ON : December 3rd, 2020

Grizz is a typical 2 year-old chocolate Labrador, but his veterinary bills have already been anything but ordinary. Find out how a Trupanion policy covered his medical treatment with direct payments to the veterinary hospital and helped saved his life.

Pet Owner Testimonial: Sophie's Story

POSTED ON : November 19th, 2020

Even after Sophie was diagnosed with a degenerative disease, she kept on moving. Read how she got back on her feet with Trupanion’s help.

Pet Owner Testimonial: Millie's Story

POSTED ON : November 5th, 2020

Meet Millie, an 11-year-old Labrador mix who ingested part of a kitchen towel. Thanks to Trupanion, Millie’s owners were able to make sure she received the proper veterinary care.

Pet Owner Testimonial: Indy's Story

POSTED ON : October 22th, 2020

Meet Indy, an 11-year-old Vizsla who suffered from an ulcer in his stomach. Thanks to Trupanion, Indy’s owners were able to make sure he received the proper veterinary care.

What is it Really Like to be a Vet?

POSTED ON : October 13th, 2020

What it is really like to be a vet, a TEDx talk.

Pet Owner Testimonial: Goldy's Story

POSTED ON : October 8th, 2020

Meet Goldy, a 1-year-old Brittany who was hit by a car and suffered multiple injuries. Thanks to Trupanion, Goldy’s owners were able to make sure she received the proper veterinary care.

Real Talk: Self-Care Tips from Practicing Veterinarians

POSTED ON : October 5th, 2020

MightyVet and Not One More Vet (NOMV) teamed up to ask veterinarians to identify their biggest stressors during their day and what coping mechanisms they use to help them navigate those stressors.

Facebook Live Webinar on Pet Adoption featuring Victoria Stilwell: October 8, 2020

POSTED ON : September 29th, 2020

The pet adoption landscape: What you need to know about adopting a pet

We’re turning 140! Well, in dog years.

POSTED ON : September 24th, 2020

The year 2020 marks Trupanion’s golden birthday – 20 years of protecting pets and offering pet owners peace of mind.

Pet Owner Testimonial: Benny's Story

POSTED ON : September 15st, 2020

Meet Benny, a 6-year-old Newfoundland who has had trouble walking his whole life. Thanks to Trupanion, Benny’s owners were able to make sure he received the proper veterinary care.

Pet Owner Testimonial: Ally’s Story

POSTED ON : September 1st, 2020

Meet Ally, a 7-year-old Shepherd mix who has encountered multiple health problems. Thanks to Trupanion, Ally’s owners were able to make sure she received the proper veterinary care.

Veterinary Appreciation Day

Because the Trupanion team couldn't come together in-person to celebrate, we decided to give veterinary teams a huge round of applause virtually.

Shareable Graphic: COVID-19 Pet Safety Tips

BY: MAIRI BOYLE | POSTED ON : May 27, 2020

You're on the frontlines, interacting with people every day to make sure our beloved furry friends get the care they need. On top of that and juggling new safety measures, providing information for clients and pets about COVID-19 must be challenging. So, let us help. We compiled these safety tips recommended by the CDC into a downloadable graphic so you can easily share with clients.

Trupanion is Here to Help our Veterinary Heroes


Trupanion has found a way to save your hospital time and money—making it easier to afford your best treatment recommendations and a no-brainer for clients to purchase medications at your hospital.

How To Lessen Day-To-Day Challenges And Provide The Best Treatments


Trupanion can lessen your day-to-day challenges and improve your experience at work (seriously). Here’s how we can support your role by aligning your interests with your clients’ interests.

Trupanion's Software Demo Video

Trupanion team | POSTED ON : March 26, 2020

Integrated seamlessly with your hospital's practice management system, this game-changing tool saves time, reduces paperwork, and helps remove financial barriers for pet owners.

Nine Common Misconceptions about Trupanion Debunked


Traditional pet insurance is known for a number of things in the veterinary community: complicated plans, surprises in the fine print, general unreliability. It’s a reputation that doesn’t

The Best Way to Help Clients Research Medical Insurance for Pets


You can’t tell a client when their pet will experience a serious illness or injury. What you can do is discuss cost of care and the importance of preparing for the unexpected.

Interactive Graph: Top Drivers of Veterinary Cost by Dog Breed and Age


What does a dog’s life look like? Likely something along the lines of belly rubs, playing with toys, long walks, regular visits to the veterinarian, and sleeping peacefully