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Westminster Veterinarian of the Year Award

June 22nd, 2022

To celebrate and support veterinarians who make a difference in our pets’ lives, the Westminster Kennel Club, in partnership with Trupanion, has awarded nominated veterinarian, Dr. Joe Rossi, with the first Veterinarian of the Year Award.

Dr. Rossi credits the amazing team at his practice, North Penn Animal Hospital in Landsdale, Pennsylvania as the reason he won the award. He told TODAY, “Veterinary medicine isn’t my profession — it’s my life. Everything we do revolves around animals. At our practice, with my employees, it’s the same way,” he said. “Animals are their lives.”

Westminster has donated $10,000 in the winning veterinarian’s name to MightyVet, a non-profit, industry-wide platform founded to support veterinary professionals tackling the issues of mental well-being and continuing education in the veterinary profession.

Rossi hopes the award and the donation to MightyVet help shine a light on the dedication of veterinarians to helping animals — and the challenges they face. “Every veterinarian I know out there is out to help the animals,” he said. “That’s our oath. We’re here for you and your animals.”

Read the award press release here.


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