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How To Lessen Day-To-Day Challenges And Provide The Best Treatments

April 28th, 2020

Your job is anything but predictable. And let’s be real about something: your day starts long before the hospital doors open (you’re busy prepping for what’s ahead!). And when those first appointments of the day arrive, you see a full range of pets needing care. Some of them have illnesses or injuries that came out of nowhere, leaving pet owners scrambling. Many of them haven’t budgeted for the cost of an unexpected treatment (so plans B and C are discussed). Seeing owners in distress and pets that are still sick is a regular part of your job. And it can be a lot.

So, yes, there are certainly challenges. But there’s also a solid reason for why you show up and do it all over again the next day. Your day-to-day motivator—the very reason you’re in this field—is the same reason we are: a fierce love for pets. And you show up for all of them. The ones that are scared, the ones that are confused, and the ones needing a hero in their corner. We share your passion because pets are what drive us too.

Here’s the thing: we know pet insurance doesn’t always spark feelings of comfort or assurance. And we’re fully aware of the reputation it has in the industry. That’s why Trupanion is different. We saw a better way to help pet owners budget for unexpected veterinary bills, so we went for it. And that’s why our policy aligns the interests of both pet owners and veterinary professionals (seriously). Here’s what we mean:


Most pet owners don’t have upfront funds to cover an unexpected bill. Those that do find the money can spend weeks—even months—waiting for a reimbursement check. But everyday expenses don’t pause during that time, and life keeps coming. Trupanion can pay your hospital clients’ invoice at checkout, electronically and often within seconds. Your clients pay the remaining 10% of eligible costs*.


Other insurance companies often dictate a reimbursable amount for treatments. These amounts are based on what the insurance company—not the veterinarian—considers appropriate. This results in partial reimbursements, which can imply the veterinarian overcharges (and that just isn’t the case).


You know what your patients need. That’s why we don’t put a price limit on pet care. Trupanion members never hit a financial cap in their coverage. This means there are no annual, per condition, or lifetime payout limits.


Accidents happen. But they’re not the only things that happen. That’s why we’re able to cover unexpected injuries and illnesses—including congenital and hereditary conditions. We also don’t penalize unlucky pets. After a pet is enrolled, their monthly costs don’t go up due to claim submissions.


At the end of the day, having patients that are insured by the Trupanion policy helps you practice the best medicine, which translates into more pets getting the care they need. Because when a client’s decision making isn’t dictated by cost, they can agree to your recommended treatment plan and get started on the best course of action.

Curious how your hospital can start seeing more insured patients? We’ve got just the tool. Learn how Trupanion’s Exam Day Offers can help you increase your insured client base.

* Terms and conditions apply. See the policy at This information applies to pet owners who live in Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United States except Florida.


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