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Shareable Graphic: COVID Pet Safety Tips

May 27th, 2020

What more can be said about these changing, extraordinary, scary times? Not much that hasn’t been said already. As the world continues to learn more about the virus and COVID-19, the best we can all do is listen, take precautions where we can, and share knowledge and information.

You, like human nurses and doctors, are on the frontlines, interacting with people every day to make sure our beloved furry friends get the care they need. We’re deeply grateful for your incredible work, now more than ever. On top of providing care for pets and juggling the new safety measures, providing information for clients and pets about COVID-19 must be challenging. So, let us help.


In addition to our webinars for pet owners covering topics from how to welcome a new pet home to keeping pets clean and safe, we compiled some safety tips for pet owners recommended by the CDC. These can be shared easily on your social media channels or via email to clients. Just right-click, save to your computer, and post or send!


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