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We are pleased to share that we've taken our Exam Day Offer Program to the next level by automating it.

It’s easy to get started!

A pet parent makes a wellness appointment for their dog or cat who is under the age of three.
At the pet’s exam, your team discusses the importance of medical insurance for pets.
The pet parent tells you they’d like to receive the offer and Trupanion automatically sends a personalized email and text message to the pet parent, inviting them to take advantage of our Exam Day Offer for immediate medical insurance coverage.

Clients who accept the offer will enjoy:
  • Immediate coverage under our standard policy
  • Waived waiting periods
  • No upfront payment required*
  • Peace of mind knowing their pet is covered for new unexpected illnesses and injuries

* Not valid in the state of New York. In states CA, WA, ID, PA, SC, FL, and Puerto Rico, the monthly payment is discounted during the first year of this plan. We also collect the first month’s discounted cost over months 2 through 12 of the first year as part of our members' monthly cost.


An Exam Day Offer is a special offer provided to pet parents at the time of their pet’s exam at the veterinarian. The offer must be activated within 24 hours, and once activated, pet parents have one month of immediate medical coverage for that pet†. Sharing the value of medical insurance is a great way to provide added value to your clients!

Not valid in the state of New York.

Join this program and discover how easy it can be to grow your insured client base!

Provide some details about your hospital and we will contact you about getting started with automated exam day offers.


This program is a way to help hospitals increase their insured client base while streamlining hospital workflow. Dogs and cats under the age of three who are in for a wellness/routine type exam will receive an offer from Trupanion that provides immediate coverage for 30 days with a Trupanion policy with no upfront costs* for all new illnesses and injuries.
*not available in the state of New York.

Your Territory Partner will ask you to complete a form. Once you join the program, you will be provided with a code to enter into Neo's integrations page and follow a few simple steps. You may also contact our Partner Support team at 877.589.1862.

A dog or cat under the age of three comes in for a wellness/routine type exam. At the time of the exam, you’ll get a notification automatically that this pet is eligible to receive an offer from Trupanion and you’ll be able to talk to the pet parent about the importance of medical insurance for pets and confirm they’d like this offer sent to them via text and email. The pet parent says, ‘Yes!’ and Trupanion handles the rest!

These pets are more likely to have the best experience with insurance. Pets will benefit most from insurance when they’re signed up before they experience any health issues. That way, if anything unexpected happens, new illnesses or injuries can be covered.

Although you won’t get automatic notifications about sending a pet an offer who is over the age of three, you can always offer an Exam Day Offer through Vet Portal Lite or provide a hard copy version of the Exam Day Offer. Ask your Territory Partner to learn more!

Trupanion will receive the pet parent’s contact information as well as the pet’s name, breed, date of birth, and sex.

It’s easy! One click from either the text message or the email will provide their pet with protection for 30 days. If they have questions, they can call Trupanion at any time.

Contact Partner Support at 877.589.1862 and we’ll get you removed from the program..