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COVID-19 Veterinary Guidance - April 2

Dr. Steve Weinrauch, BVMS, MRCVS Chief Veterinary Officer, Trupanion & Founder, MightyVet

To the heroes in our veterinary community,

We hope that you are all faring well during these difficult times and want to do what we can to offer support.

The whole purpose of Trupanion is to bring comfort in times of uncertainty. Sometimes that means paying the bill and other times that means working to bring our profession together to fight a global battle as one.

Today we are facing new challenges across our profession, and we have no doubt that the awesome combined power of our community will prevail. With that in mind, we are reaching out to partners—old and new—to form a united front that can tackle whatever comes our way, head-on.

On behalf of those who have come together to start this movement, we would like to invite you to join us for a free, RACE-approved webinar for our entire veterinary community. In partnership with the Association for Animal Welfare Advancement, and in collaboration with the World Small Animal Veterinary Association, this webinar will help you understand how COVID-19 is transmitted, what to expect and how to bathe a pet exposed to a COVID-19 infected person, to enable you to help pets stay in homes and out of the sheltering system.

This webinar will also provide clarity regarding conflicting information around personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements to help shelters better anticipate the potential barriers and contingencies involved.

By joining forces with these worldwide authorities in pet health and welfare, our goal is to provide the most current and useful information to the veterinary and sheltering community.

Visit the COVID-19 resource page