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Easy Exam Day Offers

Make life easier for you and your team!

We are pleased to share that we’ve taken our Exam Day Offer Program to the next level by automating it.
Build your insured client base while providing the same great benefits to your hospital.

What is Trupanion’s Exam Day Offer?

An Exam Day Offer is a special offer provided to pet parents upon check-in for their pet's exam. The offer must be activated within 24 hours, and once activated, pet parents have one month of immediate medical coverage for that pet. Sharing the value of medical insurance is a great way to provide added value to your clients!

How will it work?

A pet parent makes a wellness appointment for their dog or cat who is under the age of three.
During the pet’s exam your team discusses the importance of medical insurance for pets.
Upon check-in, Trupanion automatically sends a personalized email to the pet parent, inviting them to take advantage of our Exam Day Offer for immediate medical insurance coverage.

Clients who accept the offer will enjoy:

  • Immediate coverage under our standard policy
  • No upfront payment required*
  • Peace of mind knowing their pet is covered for new unexpected illnesses and injuries

Join this program and discover how easy it can be to grow your insured client base!

* Not valid in the State of New York.

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