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Veterinarians helping animals in need
Veterinary Appreciation Day

Celebrating Veterinary Heroes Today & Everyday

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear scrubs covered in pet hair.

Trupanion established June 18 as Veterinary Appreciation Day to celebrate and honor the invaluable contributions of veterinary professionals everywhere. We recognize the significant role you play in providing care and support to pets. Through Veterinary Appreciation Day, we celebrate your expertise, compassion, and the profound impact you’ve had on the lives of pets and their families everywhere. Thank you for saving the world, one pet at a time.

Your efforts do not go unnoticed, and this Veterinary Appreciation Day, Trupanion is proud to introduce our "truthankyou" initiative. With a heartfelt note, memorable picture, or a video message, pet parents can express their appreciation for you—their veterinary heroes. Follow along as Trupanion highlights these stories of gratitude all year long on Facebook and LinkedIn!

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Vet appreciation day

Celebrating Veterinary Heroes

Trupanion created Veterinary Appreciation Day (June 18) in 2015 to honor the dedicated veterinary teams who bring health and happiness to pets and families.

We stand with the people & pets of Ukraine

Introducing truthankyou!

This Veterinary Appreciation Day, we are proud to announce a new way for pet parents to thank veterinary teams for the care they provide to pets and their families.

See some recent truthankyou submissions

Photo of pet
Photo of pet
Victoria, BC
Thank you, WAVES Veterinary Hospital!
So grateful for the team at WAVES Veterinary Hospital. They took my boy in right away and kept me updated the entire time through his care and surgery. Knowing he was being well cared for made it easier to get by without him home. Thank you WAVES team!
— Sandra Wolverton
Photo of pet
Photo of pet
Buzzards Bay, MA
Thank you, Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists!
Thank you for saving my cat Charlie’s life. I am beyond grateful for the work you do. He is doing so well after surgery and is back to being his crazy and cute self! Big love to you all.
— Emily Stubbs
Photo of pet
Photo of pet
Washington D.C
Thank you, Veterinary Emergency Group (Georgetown)!
Thanks for taking such good care of my puppy, Bella the other night. Our first trip to an emergency vet was scary for us both… but your compassion and teamwork made a difference. She’s better now, and so am I.
— Dianne Earley
Photo of pet
Photo of pet
New Westminster, BC
Thank you, Western Canada Veterinary Eye Specialists!
When I brought Tank in for his cataracts surgery, I felt comfort in knowing he was in such good hands. The team has been welcoming, empathetic, and is always available to ease any concerns. It's been very emotional watching him regain his ability to see, and I know that this experience is going to give him that new puppy energy my old man has inside!
— Michelle Firth
Photo of pet
Photo of pet
Staten Island, NY
Thank you, VCA South Shore Animal Hospital!
Dr. Asaro (and the entire team!) are extremely professional and caring. They have been very helpful as we navigate the challenges of taking care of Max’s ongoing diabetes and pancreatitis.
— Fanny Kasher
Photo of pet
Photo of pet
Indianapolis, IN
Thank you, Animal Allergy & Dermatology Center of Indiana!
Every time I bring my crazy Elsie girl in, they are always the sweetest. They happily accept her hyper wiggles and barks. Everyone is so great with her! They take the time to let her calm down and give her a ball to keep her distracted.
— Erin Hunt
Photo of pet
Photo of pet
Syosset, NY
Thank you, Syosset Animal Hospital!
The staff at Syosset Animal Hospital are amazing. Whether it’s a routine visit or an emergency, they are always there to help. They fit us in even if they’re busy. Very little wait time, always calming and helpful. Both Dr. Gothelf and Silverstein are knowledgeable, and truly care about us.
— Patricia Taddeo
Photo of pet
Photo of pet
Victoria, BC
Thank you, Broadmead Village Veterinary Clinic!
We almost lost Doug the Dog after he ingested a toxin. The staff at Broadmead Village Veterinary Clinic kept us informed, updated, showed amazing empathy, and gave us confidence that he was getting the best possible care. We are so thankful and appreciative of their patience, professionalism and the affection they showed Doug.
— Fred and Melody Hermann
Photo of pet
Photo of pet
Red Deer, AB
Thank you, Animal Emergency Hospital!
My dog stopped breathing, and when we finally made it to the hospital, there was no hesitation. They just took him in immediately and saved his little life. I am so beyond grateful and thankful. They communicated with me the entire time despite being so busy. You are all amazing! Thank you for looking after my baby.
— Kaylee Toth
Photo of pet
Photo of pet
Jersey City, NJ
Thank you, Animal Clinic & Hospital of Jersey City!
The staff here are hands-down the best we’ve ever known. They go above and beyond to make the entire intake process smooth, and treat our pets with the utmost love and care. The genuineness is heartwarming and I’d love for them to know how much we appreciate all that they do.
— Abhijit Gorey

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